Aug 3, 2015

This week: Aug 3- Aug 9

Last week I shared what was on schedule for my workouts, and figured this might help with my accountability, so here goes:
  • Monday: (am) 30min - Lifting-shoulders and tris + (noon) Insanity Max: Cardio Month 2
  • Tuesday: (am) 3.5mile run + (noon) Jillian Michael's Killer Buns and Thighs
  • Wednesday: (am) 30min - Lifting +(noon) Jillian Michaels 6Wk Six-Pack *
  • Thursday: (am) 3mile run 
  • Friday: (am) 30min - Lifting + (noon) T25: Speed 2.0 
My rest day will either be Wednesday or Thursday, that Buns and Thighs always always, without a doubt will make me walk funny for three days.  We did it last Tuesday as well, and I felt it until Friday.
my quads? Yes ma'am they are scared!

Last Friday I shared my curveball of a day, but I tried my best to stay on target with good choices but also doing the 'good mamma' thing as well!  I went hard three days, seriously hard....but I had hoped to have four solid hard days, one moderate and two rest days.
I can't complain, honestly I'm damn impressed with my Tuesday which was double-cardio with the morning run plus Jillians Buns and Thighs. Woah.

Today is the first Monday of a new month!! 
Anyone set new goals or a mission statement for the month of August?  
Give me some ideas! I'm always up for a goal (or competition)


  1. Great plan! I'm in an accountability group on fb and we are swim, walk, running or any other way to track our mileage this month. We're hoping to hit 1000 miles. I'm slowly easing back into walking post surgery so I'm getting there!

  2. I started a new workout plan and am trying out iifym, so it should be an interesting (exciting?) month!


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