Aug 31, 2015

This Week: Aug 31 - Sept 6

Now back to my regularly scheduled Monday, after last week's lows I am going to be smarter this week with some gatorade or type for recovery .

and eat more....don't hate, its a struggle to eat, I'm adjusting still and aware of it...

  • Monday (am) 3.75mile run + walking*
  • Tuesday (am) lifting session + (noon) P90X Interval X
  • Wednesday (am) 3-4mile run + (noon) Jillian Michaels 30dayShred
  • Thursday (am) lifting session + (noon) RockinBody Booty Time (fave!!)
  • Friday (am) 2-3mile run + (noon) T25 Core Cardio

I picked up two bottles of powerade to keep on hand for another episode like last week.  I don't drink the stuff normally, and realized why when I kept trying to find one that did not have any sucralose in it.  Last week of three days of feeling 'off' and low followed by two days of itching and rash thanks to the electrolyte packets I use.  Hopefully between watching my calorie intake closer and actually decreasing my water I can avoid the trouble again. *Decrease because I realized that for about three days I think I hit 2 gallons of water by accident, which would further deplete my vitamins/electrolytes than is typical.  I wasn't paying attention, this is random and a reminder that it isn't healthy to drink too much water.

All this serious talk and it is only my Monday plan post?
Let's move on to the better visual part of my Monday posts now that I'm including a MCM.

This week's #MCM portion of this post, I share John Legend.
Because nothing is sexier than a man in love who can play a piano and sing like that.

And ladies from the VMAs last night?  
Chrissy still leads the pack with sexy and reasonably modest compared to most last night.  

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