Sep 28, 2015

Where did Sept go??

I actually found a drafted post for my September goals....and it feels like I wrote it only about ten days ago. This month has flown by faster than ever.  So much so, I guess I'll just recycle those goals and name it October.

Last week was a bust, I tried but I only give myself a C+ for my efforts last week.  By Thursday my snacking got out of hand and I bailed on my Friday run.  This weekend was complete blur of mom work that I was ready for the Work -weekdays to return for a break. 

Because of my skipped run on Friday, I'm short on my mileage goal for the I'm doing my three runs back to back (hopefully) so I can meet at least one of my Sept goals!

Plans this week include:
  • Monday - (am) 4mile run done! no noon cardio due to schedule
  • Tuesday - (am) 3mile run + (noon) Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs
  • Wednesday - (am) 3mile run/walk + (noon) Jillian Michaels' Shed and Shred
  • Thursday - (am) lifting session + REST DAY
  • Friday - (am) lifting session + T25 Core Cardio

and for my #MCM this week, we pay tribute to NBC's  "The Voice"
I mean who can choose between these two guys??


and we can't forget this one too.... is too hard to pick just one, so the entire show gets a shoutout for #MCM this week.

Sep 24, 2015

Vampires and a NSV

Yesterday I found myself back at the doctor (seriously? twice in 10days is freaky for me) but more related to my wonky stomach or other ailments. I rolled my eyes when he personally called and said 'yeah, lets run your numbers and see where you are, I don't like what I hear.'  Blah...The scale was nice, but it wasn't as nice as mine at home when I'm nekkid, but I got some better news than that stupid scale number.

Repeat after me: "Scales are stupid, health is important."

The nurse went through her obligatory checklist and then did my routine vitals like every other visit.  Since having hypertension with my first pregnancy, I've always paid attention to my blood pressure and now ask everytime they take it.  I don't settle for 'oh its good,' but rather I want the numbers.

102 / 61
Thumbs up April.

And then that resting heart rate, which is always skewed if your rushed or slammed coffee right before or stressed from traffic.

Then the doctor comes in to chat and tell me how much blood they want to take for fun, and he skims the nurses' notes.

"You've lost some weight, that great but don't lose too much more" (ignore that part...I am)
"How much are you running now? Your heart-rate looks awesome!"
"eh, my goal this month is 55miles, so its about 12-15 a week?"
"well your body is keeping up and its showing!"
see note above about the stupid scale
 "but now we need to get your vitamin levels checked...." again.
After the vampires caught up with me and took everything they could (4 vials), I went home and googled to see what the doctor was talking about.  I pulled out my paperwork from last Thursday where I was at urgent care and found my HR was 51bpm there as well..
And lookie loo....
I was flattered and then laughed out loud at the label.  Anyone who knows me, I will never ever at all try to claim or call myself an 'Athlete'...but damn it looks good on paper, doesn't it?  A reminder that its just not about that stupid number that I admit I slightly obsess over, but overall health.  And well, things are improving right along aren't they?

Sep 23, 2015

Nutrition53, sound familiar?

Anyone remember when I shared a product review this summer for a new protein powder that took me on as a challenge? That their whey wouldn't mess me up and it was made with stevia and was gluten free and all that jazz??

You forgot? then read about HERE where I re-read my review last night and realized that I was pretty darn blunt but I'll give a followup or update today.

While June was my Whole30ish month, I craved and missed my protein powders (weird I know!) and in August started back again with using the chocolate protein powder I had left from my generous sample box from Nutrition53.  Maybe it was the Whole30 cleanse or whatnot, but I had zero issues with the protein powder.

I rationed my last pouch of the banana cream out for five small breakfasts instead of the 2servings it comes with (sample size pouches).  It is September and I still miss that flavor!

I actually had shared a few pictures online and of course my review, and well I was and am still all about that whey.  Turns out it wasn't the 'whey' but my high sensitivity to lactose and soy.  So yeah, this whey is 'whey' better! (so corny)

 So much so, that Aubrey would say I 'drank the koolaid'...but not quite the same as others.

I am very excited to share Nutrition53 with anyone else who struggles with sensitive guts/stomachs or food allergies that I am now a new affiliate for Nutrition53 products!  Obviously it isn't marketed or solely for those of us, anyone can use the products as they are much easier on anyone's system, food allergies or not!

Rather than others who get to use that advo-other company, my partnership with Nutrition53 is straight forward.  No distributor or marketing ploy, I'm not a 'partner' or 'coach' or anything...just happy to spread the word of N53 products!

By using my affiliate link, my friends can save on shipping costs, as in FREE SHIPPING, and get better sale prices than the public. 

Visit the sale prices and bundles available at my affiliate link "Aprilelayne's Store" and feel free to email me with any questions!

*With any affiliate association, I may potentially be compensated. There is no obligation to buy if visiting the link above.
But if you happen to find something, use the link and we both win.*

Sep 21, 2015

a Doctor April fail...

Just a quick driveby to get back on track in here as well as at work.
I'm alive and kicking, but overworked and sore.

I wasn't able to blog at all while I was on my little work trip to Ft. Worth. They worked me beyond my usual smiling and assisting duties.  I represented my semi-decent-sized arss off for five straight days of 20hr days.

While I consider last week 'off' from the gym, I did manage to run a full 5miler plus another day of almost four. But the week was wrought with cruddy feelings.   I assumed the 'off' feeling was just gluten overload and/or dehydration for three days which were both true....but this time, "Doctor" April was wrong. Cranberry juice is part of the recovery, if ya catch my drift.


While I deal with antibiotics, I can't go full out like I had been with doubles everyday, I'm adjusting my schedule day to day based on how I'm feeling. Not setting things in stone this week and trying to let my body breathe before kicking it up a notch.  Today I survived a 4:30am whole body circuit lifting session and an Insanity30 at lunch, but tomorrow I'm aiming for some walking miles and possibly Jillian's kickboxing, but I'm not going to feel guilty if I'm tired for a 2nd cardio.

But, to balance that out and to stop the conference induced sugar cravings, I'm going at it lowcarb this week to get rid of the sugar cycle.  I'd been doing really well since my Whole30(ish) June with my sugar intake and I actually liked not being dependent (in my head) on the sugars and chocolates.

And if you haven't noticed my love for Jensen yet, get used to it...he's a regular for my #MCM.

(and then my computer doesn't agree with me and won't let me use my Jensen gifs, so instead I will not-so-subconsciously tell you to watch Sam and Dean. You are welcome.)

Sep 11, 2015

Friday Recap: Sept 7 - 11


This month so far has been pure madness.
and it is only 1/3 over with?

Quick recap of this week's activity before venturing into next week's madness:
  • Monday - holiday at home, steps 10620 = 90%
  • Tuesday -  (am) 3.5mile + Insanity 30 = 245%
  • Wednesday - (am) lifting session + lunch cardio = 160%
  • Thursday - (am) 3.75mile + long walk = 203%
  • Friday  - (am) 4.0mile + T25 Speed2.0 = ???TBD
So I'm not too far off, but I know my snacking isn't 100%. Chocolate cravings and indulgences are going on over here without cause?  I should do a three day sugar detox again to reset those urges again...but not this upcoming week!

I leave Sunday morning bright and early, as in while the kids are asleep for a week long trip to Ft. Worth.  A first overnight trip since LittleOne joined the house, so 4days away is going to be quite the shock.
Hubs says he isn't worried and everything is under control, but um yeah.... I expect some phone calls while I'm gone on this work thing.

I mention this trip mostly because I start my packing list yesterday and instead of starting with my work stuff, it looked more like this:
workout clothes, three shirts/tanks, three shorts/capris, socks, hrm strap, chargers, SHOES!!! 
protein powder sample packs, unsweetened applesauce, raw almonds, sweetnlow, kcups, etc.

Who am I??
But yes, I plan to take advantage of my solo time with the hotel gym.  I will be standing around most of the day and not able to walk/roam like I normally do to hit my minimum steps. So I gotta do what I gotta do.

Literally I leave at 5am on Sunday, so I have one day to take care of the house, the lists, and notes for Hubs to handle the house on his own.  I know everyone will survive and the sickies have left the house, he's capable, but this mama is a self-declared control freak on some things.  I'll make my lists and notes to make me feel better and he will take them and smile and never read them...sigh. I know this, but he knows I will feel better in doing this.

I hope to spend some time on some blogposts that have been stewing in my head for a while as well.  

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Sep 9, 2015

Life interruptus...

Sorry folks, I didn't want to contaminate my blog with the serious sicky funk that plagued the house last week.  

Let's just say, the things we do for our children is down right nasty if it was for a stranger.  God bless nurses and healthcare workers who work with nastiness on a regular basis for complete strangers.  Luckily, LittleOne is now medicated and hydrated and all that fun stuff and is back at school so this mama can get back on track with work and working out (sorta).

Wednesday to Saturday was 100% Nurse Mama duty.

I did get a run in on Saturday night at 10pm to try and salvage my week though....I should get credit for that right? Nominal sleep plus getting done with a treadmill run at 11:15pm only to be up and back on Nurse duty by 6am again.

Thank goodness for that bonus day off on Monday.

Trying to play catchup at work and here, but I do have September goals to I'm off to my lunch cardio class today.

Sep 3, 2015

Zombie quotes....

Looks like my little lunchtime Wellness class is getting some attention within my company:

"Sweating, shredding and sculpting – these are a few of the things that go on during lunch in an empty conference room in .....Each work day, a dedicated group of strong, healthy women gather to sweat it out to programs with names like Insanity Max, Killer Buns and Thighs, Total Body Circuit, and Max Out Cardio.
The lunchtime workout group has been meeting for about four years. Members come and go depending on the time of year, but you can always find someone pushing themselves toward a healthier lifestyle. Some of the women started working out to control health problems such as blood pressure, and others are cancer survivors trying to maintain strength and stay healthy.
"It's rare that we call in sick," said Minnie Mouse, a breast cancer survivor who joined the group in October 2012 after her chemotheraphy treatments ended. "This is my time," she said. "No kids, husband or work. It's for me."

April, who joined the group in 2011, says she always feels relaxed after the workout. "I go into zombie-mode and am super relaxed the rest of the day."

Daisy Duck, who helps organize the group's activities, says she likes how she feels after working out. "It helps keep my energy level up ... I feel energized the rest of the day." Daisy encourages other employees to join the group and take advantage of the Wellness Program. "There's always space, and with the Wellness Program, you are allowed to take the time."

The group is open to all employees, regardless of fitness level, and exercises can be modified to fit an individual's needs. Participants should bring a mat, water bottle, towel and positive attitude."
*names changed of course.  Because Daisy and Minnie both got fired a couple years ago for having relationships at work with Mickey and Donald.  Big no-no.

That is our second feature in the last year I think, all I know is they came and took really horrid pictures AFTER an Insanity day? Not fair people.

Getting the word out is always good even, I hand out my SweatPink pink laces to any new members to encourage them on as well! (so far my classes are 100% women, so it works!)

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