Sep 9, 2015

Life interruptus...

Sorry folks, I didn't want to contaminate my blog with the serious sicky funk that plagued the house last week.  

Let's just say, the things we do for our children is down right nasty if it was for a stranger.  God bless nurses and healthcare workers who work with nastiness on a regular basis for complete strangers.  Luckily, LittleOne is now medicated and hydrated and all that fun stuff and is back at school so this mama can get back on track with work and working out (sorta).

Wednesday to Saturday was 100% Nurse Mama duty.

I did get a run in on Saturday night at 10pm to try and salvage my week though....I should get credit for that right? Nominal sleep plus getting done with a treadmill run at 11:15pm only to be up and back on Nurse duty by 6am again.

Thank goodness for that bonus day off on Monday.

Trying to play catchup at work and here, but I do have September goals to I'm off to my lunch cardio class today.

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  1. Seems like all the mamas in Austin that I know have had the sickness infest their house. I hope you don't catch it!


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