Sep 23, 2015

Nutrition53, sound familiar?

Anyone remember when I shared a product review this summer for a new protein powder that took me on as a challenge? That their whey wouldn't mess me up and it was made with stevia and was gluten free and all that jazz??

You forgot? then read about HERE where I re-read my review last night and realized that I was pretty darn blunt but I'll give a followup or update today.

While June was my Whole30ish month, I craved and missed my protein powders (weird I know!) and in August started back again with using the chocolate protein powder I had left from my generous sample box from Nutrition53.  Maybe it was the Whole30 cleanse or whatnot, but I had zero issues with the protein powder.

I rationed my last pouch of the banana cream out for five small breakfasts instead of the 2servings it comes with (sample size pouches).  It is September and I still miss that flavor!

I actually had shared a few pictures online and of course my review, and well I was and am still all about that whey.  Turns out it wasn't the 'whey' but my high sensitivity to lactose and soy.  So yeah, this whey is 'whey' better! (so corny)

 So much so, that Aubrey would say I 'drank the koolaid'...but not quite the same as others.

I am very excited to share Nutrition53 with anyone else who struggles with sensitive guts/stomachs or food allergies that I am now a new affiliate for Nutrition53 products!  Obviously it isn't marketed or solely for those of us, anyone can use the products as they are much easier on anyone's system, food allergies or not!

Rather than others who get to use that advo-other company, my partnership with Nutrition53 is straight forward.  No distributor or marketing ploy, I'm not a 'partner' or 'coach' or anything...just happy to spread the word of N53 products!

By using my affiliate link, my friends can save on shipping costs, as in FREE SHIPPING, and get better sale prices than the public. 

Visit the sale prices and bundles available at my affiliate link "Aprilelayne's Store" and feel free to email me with any questions!

*With any affiliate association, I may potentially be compensated. There is no obligation to buy if visiting the link above.
But if you happen to find something, use the link and we both win.*

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