Sep 24, 2015

Vampires and a NSV

Yesterday I found myself back at the doctor (seriously? twice in 10days is freaky for me) but more related to my wonky stomach or other ailments. I rolled my eyes when he personally called and said 'yeah, lets run your numbers and see where you are, I don't like what I hear.'  Blah...The scale was nice, but it wasn't as nice as mine at home when I'm nekkid, but I got some better news than that stupid scale number.

Repeat after me: "Scales are stupid, health is important."

The nurse went through her obligatory checklist and then did my routine vitals like every other visit.  Since having hypertension with my first pregnancy, I've always paid attention to my blood pressure and now ask everytime they take it.  I don't settle for 'oh its good,' but rather I want the numbers.

102 / 61
Thumbs up April.

And then that resting heart rate, which is always skewed if your rushed or slammed coffee right before or stressed from traffic.

Then the doctor comes in to chat and tell me how much blood they want to take for fun, and he skims the nurses' notes.

"You've lost some weight, that great but don't lose too much more" (ignore that part...I am)
"How much are you running now? Your heart-rate looks awesome!"
"eh, my goal this month is 55miles, so its about 12-15 a week?"
"well your body is keeping up and its showing!"
see note above about the stupid scale
 "but now we need to get your vitamin levels checked...." again.
After the vampires caught up with me and took everything they could (4 vials), I went home and googled to see what the doctor was talking about.  I pulled out my paperwork from last Thursday where I was at urgent care and found my HR was 51bpm there as well..
And lookie loo....
I was flattered and then laughed out loud at the label.  Anyone who knows me, I will never ever at all try to claim or call myself an 'Athlete'...but damn it looks good on paper, doesn't it?  A reminder that its just not about that stupid number that I admit I slightly obsess over, but overall health.  And well, things are improving right along aren't they?

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