Sep 28, 2015

Where did Sept go??

I actually found a drafted post for my September goals....and it feels like I wrote it only about ten days ago. This month has flown by faster than ever.  So much so, I guess I'll just recycle those goals and name it October.

Last week was a bust, I tried but I only give myself a C+ for my efforts last week.  By Thursday my snacking got out of hand and I bailed on my Friday run.  This weekend was complete blur of mom work that I was ready for the Work -weekdays to return for a break. 

Because of my skipped run on Friday, I'm short on my mileage goal for the I'm doing my three runs back to back (hopefully) so I can meet at least one of my Sept goals!

Plans this week include:
  • Monday - (am) 4mile run done! no noon cardio due to schedule
  • Tuesday - (am) 3mile run + (noon) Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs
  • Wednesday - (am) 3mile run/walk + (noon) Jillian Michaels' Shed and Shred
  • Thursday - (am) lifting session + REST DAY
  • Friday - (am) lifting session + T25 Core Cardio

and for my #MCM this week, we pay tribute to NBC's  "The Voice"
I mean who can choose between these two guys??


and we can't forget this one too.... is too hard to pick just one, so the entire show gets a shoutout for #MCM this week.

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