Sep 3, 2015

Zombie quotes....

Looks like my little lunchtime Wellness class is getting some attention within my company:

"Sweating, shredding and sculpting – these are a few of the things that go on during lunch in an empty conference room in .....Each work day, a dedicated group of strong, healthy women gather to sweat it out to programs with names like Insanity Max, Killer Buns and Thighs, Total Body Circuit, and Max Out Cardio.
The lunchtime workout group has been meeting for about four years. Members come and go depending on the time of year, but you can always find someone pushing themselves toward a healthier lifestyle. Some of the women started working out to control health problems such as blood pressure, and others are cancer survivors trying to maintain strength and stay healthy.
"It's rare that we call in sick," said Minnie Mouse, a breast cancer survivor who joined the group in October 2012 after her chemotheraphy treatments ended. "This is my time," she said. "No kids, husband or work. It's for me."

April, who joined the group in 2011, says she always feels relaxed after the workout. "I go into zombie-mode and am super relaxed the rest of the day."

Daisy Duck, who helps organize the group's activities, says she likes how she feels after working out. "It helps keep my energy level up ... I feel energized the rest of the day." Daisy encourages other employees to join the group and take advantage of the Wellness Program. "There's always space, and with the Wellness Program, you are allowed to take the time."

The group is open to all employees, regardless of fitness level, and exercises can be modified to fit an individual's needs. Participants should bring a mat, water bottle, towel and positive attitude."
*names changed of course.  Because Daisy and Minnie both got fired a couple years ago for having relationships at work with Mickey and Donald.  Big no-no.

That is our second feature in the last year I think, all I know is they came and took really horrid pictures AFTER an Insanity day? Not fair people.

Getting the word out is always good even, I hand out my SweatPink pink laces to any new members to encourage them on as well! (so far my classes are 100% women, so it works!)

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