Oct 22, 2015

Back to the Future Day and Basketball

Apologies in advance as this post is basketball related!
    In case the rock you lived under didn't move yesterday, let me remind you what it was all about: 
    Yesterday, Oct 21, 2015, was #BackToTheFutureDay!!
    April, what does that have to do with basketball?
    Oh just a random trivia fact you can bust out at your next dinner party with dudes....

    Let me remind you of a player on my beloved SPURS team. 
    Tony Parker #9
    Not only does this man play amazing basketball and is amazingly good looking....but he's also a fellow geek! I wonder if Eva ever noticed? I'm shocked I didn't know this before, but his level of geekness was shown yesterday on his Instagram and then reposted too many times to count!

    Tony Parker, owns his very own Deloreon!!! 
    It was a gift about three years ago but yesterday he decked it and shared it in honor of BackToTheFutureDay!

    So I did alittle more digging research and fell in love even more...he loves ComicCon and other conventions!
    Recognize these folks? Walking Dead!!!
    Back to my loved Spurs:  First home game is next FRIDAY!!

    On the subject of basketball and the news, I wanted to do a followup on my earlier post regarding Lamar Odom since things have changed.  Luckily he's improving and has now been moved to Los Angeles with a specialist team to address his kidneys and to have access to more therapy.  Of course the headlines are simply about Khloe withdrawing their signed divorce. 

    Think about it from a business/logical sense and not that of a gossipmonger:
    Since the finding that their divorce wasn't processed yet, the news explained she was responsible for medical decisions as his legal wife and next of kin.  Her involvement legally speaking may have been his saving grace in this situation.  What if Khloe hadn't dashed off and pushed her weight around (figuratively of course) to get doctors and specialists and what not?  We don't know if he would have been pretty much 'left for dead' had she not stepped up legally.  If reports are true as to the grave situation he originally was in, some professionals without the scrutiny and media blitz would have gone above and beyond.  Withdrawing the divorce to retain the legal relationship for the sake of his medical care was perfect.  There is no legal need to remove her role if he truly has no reliable, legal (his children are minors) and designated responsible party to take care of his legal and financial situation. 


    1. Love this basketball post! I had no idea Tony was such a Back to the Future fan, how fun. I'm working on getting the husband-to-be Christmas Day tickets to Spurs @ Rockets for a wedding/Christmas gift...

    2. Loving that Tony Parker geeks out as much as we do. I love it when celebs do that.


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