Oct 16, 2015

Fitness Friday - Oct 16

I never got a chance to pop in and share my plans this week, which is good because I changed it up everyday just based on how my body was feeling. Gee, what a concept right?

  • Monday  - I was off work, but got up early like usual and hit a solid 5miles! = 253%
  • Tuesday - (am) 4miles + Jillian Michaels Kickboxing = 316%
  • Wednesday - (am) 4.25miles + REST = 214%
  • Thursday - (am) 3.5miles + walking = 201%
  • Friday -(am) Lifting session + T25 Core Speed + 1.5mile walk =211% so far!
  • Monthly Miles = 33/55 (ahead of schedule!) *not adding in walking mile

The YMCA program I've been using for the last four months is requiring me to do an updated strength test before it will let me to keep pushing myself.  I was supposed to revisit at 12wks, but schedule and work and life and such I said 'no, I'll do it at 16wks.' Yeah, I'm at like 19wks now, so I will make the appointment. 
Why have I stalled on that appointment? 
It will also include the dreaded scale and measurements as well as that body fat machine that makes up random numbers?  I'm feeling good and relatively positive about what I've done the last six months, so I'm worried that those numbers will just be 'eh' and make me angry and I'll throw it all away and say 'screw it!'

I'm afraid of the old April mentality.

But I have to do it.

So if I go in with the plan of low expectations then hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised right?  #wishfulthinking

Any big plans this weekend for anyone?  
We are scheduled for our monthly uber-level cleaning fest because of visitors on Sunday. ha!

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