Oct 23, 2015

Fitness Friday: Oct 23

I've been quiet on the fitness related posts, mostly due to work but also due to redundancy.  I mean how many ways or times can I share what is mentally driving me to keep going?  It ebbs and flows and right now it is peaking and I'm loving it.  I'm having to force myself off the treadmill to incorporate the lifting sessions and I am often in the evening wondering if I can squeeze a couple more miles in the day.  I'm currently hooked.  That is a good thing.

Before moving into this week, I do have to remark on the final tally from last week when I posted early on Friday.  I realized on Sunday that last week I had a first, or a PR:
This is my Polar summary for last week, you can see the actual dates in the far right.  Check out that overall weekly average for my activity!! Over 200% and with two rest days (weekends are just mom chores and running around.)  My weekly step count is misleading since I run on the treadmill and sometimes it catches the steps and sometimes not, but overall I averaged over 15K (minimum) daily.

Now about this week, I'm pushing along with my miles and feeling good.  My hamstrings are getting tight so I need to try and stretch better this weekend.
  • Monday: (am) 4.25miles + Insanity Max Cardio
  • Tuesday: (am) lifting session + TaeBo
  • Wednesday: (am) 4.75miles + powerwalking
  • Thursday: (am) 5.0miles + REST
  • Friday: (am) 3.75miles + T25 Cardio
  • Weekly Miles: 18
  • Monthly Miles: 51/55  
Truth?  Hubs is out of town this weekend and instead of wasting away with guilty-pleasure television, I'm going to aim for a long evening treadmill run.  I typically get better time when I do them at the end of the day (fueled from the day?) and have always gotten my longest runs when I do them randomly in the evenings.

No big plans here in Austin this weekend due to the rain we are expecting.  Soccer practice and games have already been cancelled so I'll likely go stir crazy in the house alone with the kidlets.

Share your fun plans!!
Make me jealous while I squirrel away in the house afraid to drive in the rain.

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