Oct 9, 2015

Fitness Friday - Oct 9

Giving myself a B for the week but I'm being generous in my opinion.  I'd rather go with a B-, because of the slip on Thursday due to my schedule but then I realized I worked as hard as I could every other day, so a B it is.  It is what it is, right?
  • Monday - 4miles +  Insanity = Total HRM burn of 954calories! 
  • Tuesday - Lifting session + Turbo Jam = burn of 421cals
  • Wednesday - 4miles = 513cals
  • Thursday - REST DAY
  • Friday - 3miles   + T25 Core = 640cals
  • Total calories burned (per heart rate monitor) = 2528
  • October Miles total: 16/55
(I do plan on a little 2-3miler somewhere this weekend to stay on target)
So I hit a wall or something on Wednesday and had to listen to my body.  I'm still learning how to balance out how to listen to my body's true needs versus the "old April lazy habits" needs wants.  I don't know if it was a migraine or what, but my entire body wasn't feeling too hot.  I ended up falling asleep on the way home (we carpool so luckily I wasn't driving).  Migraine meds got me back to a functional mommy mode but as soon as I punched the clock on the mommy shift, I tried to crash but had severe back spasms and struggled.

Thursday I was at a conference so I skipped the lifting session anyway to get a little dolled up and continue resting/recovering from the invisible wall that attacked me on Wednesday.  So limited walking at the conference of course, and I had to skip my lunch time class.

All in all, I figure its a respectable 'B' grade for the week's efforts.  All I can do is keep on moving along, if my body isn't going to get smaller it might as well be healthier, right?

Have a great weekend!!
Its a fun-filled soccer Saturday here and Sunday involves Halloween costume shopping and some new decorations!


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