Oct 2, 2015

Sept and weekly recap

First things first....this week didn't turn out the way I hoped.

Just in a mental funk, that whole busy professional mom trying to do it all kinda week, where nothing goes your way and you are just drowning trying to keep up with it all and smile for the kidlets.   And the weekends aren't any easier, but harder with trying to get even more done to make next week easier.  "This too will pass"

Copying the very optimistic list from Monday's post:
  • Monday - (am) 4mile run done! no noon cardio due to schedule 262%
  • Tuesday - (am) 3mile run + (noon) Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs just a solo walk: 261%
  • Wednesday - (am) 3mile run/walk + (noon) Jillian Michaels' Shed and Shred antisocial again so I went out for a solo walk = 143%
  • Thursday - (am) lifting session + REST DAY (nothing intense, but more active than Wed) = 208%
  • Friday - (am) lifting session *actually did 3miles of hill work instead + T25 Core Cardio= tbd

But overall for the month of September, I cannot complain whatsoever.  I deserve a gold star at least?

I don't recall sharing my goals for September, but it was simply: Keep moving.

I simply wanted to do better than August.
I noticed when I was out of town on my trip that I had a respectable amount of miles last month and on a good routine this month so I just half-hazardly said aloud 'cool, I should aim for 48 this month.'

That was September's little goal..I didn't aim high or burden myself too much. Just keep moving.
from flow.polar.com = Polar Loop

But now we aren't in September and its a whole new month to set goals for...

How did your September turn out? Did you hit any goals?
what about this week?  For Sept you just had to be good for three workdays.

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  1. I need your motivation!! You are doing amazing.


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