Jan 7, 2016

Where'd who go?

There is something about new years and new beginnings right?

I'll get to the beginnings, but first lets clear the air about my lapse in blogging for November and December.

No, I was not abducted.
No, I did not run away and gorge myself out of existence
No, I did not literal run away with a runner's infinite high

What did happen?

Can't say I have Mulder...but I may end up with some if I keep breaking my toes, does that count?

This isn't a proclamation of a return to blogging....nor is it a year end review of life and how my health or fitness managed all the things that life threw at it.

I will say that I ended  2015 pretty much even-steven weight wise.  I found notes from March 2015 of me weighing in at 167.  My 12/31 weigh in was at 160.4, so it was in the right direction but nothing significant.  Ending the year at 39yrs old and maintaining this lifestyle?  Win.

Moving into the new year I started another round of Whole30 just to detox from the sugar and cravings and such, and the scale is moving again.  I've seen the 150s decade a couple times but it was fleeting moments.  This year I will learn to get there comfortably and stay in that decade.

Another component for 2016 will be my 430am alarm for my workouts.  I am starting a new job next week and my beloved wellness time (cardio lunchtime) will be a thing of the past.  I hope to keep up with my running and trying to bump up my lifting sessions.

That said, the new job and the idea of my blogging being back is questionable.  I make no promises about this as the only promise I made was to keep working out and chuggin along.

For now, I will head to bed early so I may rise early for my therapy running time.
Mulder, you are such a tease.


  1. Good job on moving in the right direction! Blogging with a new job is tough, it took me months to get back in the swing. Whole30 on!!!!

  2. Congrats on the new job! And staying healthy last year! I hope to join you soon :)

  3. Congrats on the new job! Hope it's challenging and rewarding :)


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