Jun 19, 2017

2017 Summer Goals

If I'm going to try to do this, I need to do this right.

We are at mid June, but for the remainder of the month:

  • 430am workouts - 4 days a week
  • Restart C25K
  • Diet Soda fast - try to eliminate the habit again
  • Increase water to 80oz (current average is 64-70)
No weight goals for June, let's face it there is only two weeks left. My ultimate goal is to get to the end of June, assess if I was able to do the above before ramping up for July goals.

I recently was just daily teetering between the 150s and 160s (literally 158 in the mornings on Fridays to 163 on Mondays!) Goal for end of July is to hit 157, a total of 5 pounds.

No weight goals for June, let's face it there is only two weeks left.

Jun 17, 2017

The 2017 Dust-Off

I'm not too sure about it, but the want is there.

Do people still blog?
I know I miss reading blogs....
the friends I made....
the cheering section when I would have a good week...
and the shoulders for when I would have a bad week...

If anyone remembers where I left off with this blog,  I had gotten a new job in January last year. I'm still there, working like crazy...a physically and mentally draining job that exhausts me to no end.  Ironically I do like the work.

My fitness, the reason I ever had a blog, hasn't maintained like I would like it.  I spent some time today revisiting old times scrolling through my own blog to see where I am now compared to where I was.

June 2017
now 41years old and holding out at 162lbs. (Roughly where I was in late 2015.)

I held my weight down between 156-160 for most of this year, but bad habits are creeping back with my "no time for exercise" excuse.

I can't complain! I know that I haven't worked out regularly since the time zone change.  I have inched my way back to my 430 wakeup calls, but only averaging two a week.  Things could be much worse.  But I miss my mental health more than anything.

I miss the exhausted satisfaction of finishing 3 or 4 miles every morning while everyone slept.  I miss finishing up my night with the kids and cleaning and know that I had given myself that hour in the morning.

This upcoming week is my 'no more slacker April' reset.
I have a full can of my protein powder, which is so much easier for lunches during the summer, and I have a focus to get that "April time" again.

Will I blog about it again? I hope to, but I also don't want to stress myself out for entertainment either.  I want to think that writing it out again will help me stay on target.

And for old times sake...

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