Jul 6, 2017

A Divided Home

Once upon a time (back in 2007) I started my journey by picking up the discarded WeightWatcher books and tools from when I paid in 2005 for a total of 16weeks for my piddly 12lb loss.  But for some reason when I picked them up on my own accord in 2007 and without any fees and meetings stressing me out, it worked.  No honestly have no clue as to why it finally clicked but it did.

A WeightWatcher diet of the same things everyday:
Breakfast: Fiber One Bar = 2pts
Lunch : Sandwich bread (1 pt for 2slices), mustard, spinach and turkey for a total sandwich of 3pts. 100Calorie bag of SunChips or a mini bag of popcorn.
Snack: fruit (1-2pts) or RiceCake
Dinner: what ever I could eat for 10-13pts

Every day.  And it worked...back then.
But then my stomach disowned me and decided that it didn't want to cooperate anymore.  So I've pretty much been gluten-light, lowcarb or carb-light since 2009ish.  I realized that I felt better than ever and it worked for me just to manage my IBS and whatnot.

Enter in 2017....January of this year Hubs and I went in head-first to go full on KETO.  The whole bulletproof coffee and fatbombs and the whole spiel.  In 2 months, he lost 25lbs and got his abs back.  I got myself back into feeling good and fitting better in my clothes.  I personally love it, but it isn't easy.  I had slipped in the last month or so, more cheat weekends that were becoming regular and just stress eating.

So last month when I recommitted to my journey and getting that fluff back off, I returned to strict KETO.  Made a batch of fatbombs, my jello (that I have to hide from the kids), nuts, cheesesticks and so on and so forth.  The first week went well, but this past week I was hit with a doozy.

Me - "Finishing up here. Want me to pick up a chicken from HEB or did you already eat?"
Him - "I'm going vegan - we will see how long it will last"
Me - "Seriously??"
Him - "Yes"
Me - "Really? Are you really?"
Him - "Yes"

My lovely Hubs randomly texts me that he's going Vegan on a Tuesday night.

Vegan?  Not transitioning into vegetarian, but going full core straight into vegan.

From KETO!? Hello? This means our diets are complete opposites of one another. He will be able to eat grains and potatoes and fruits, whereas I'm eating meat, cheese, nuts, and green veggies.

This journey is getting more difficult every day.

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  1. Haha oh lordy. I wish I had some advice, what a conundrum! That's one extreme to another practically!


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