Jul 1, 2017

June Report Card

Well well well...its been two weeks since I last had a moment to disclose, erm share what is going on.

Two weeks ago I popped back on here randomly after 18 months of not a single post, to share that I am trying to get my 'groove' back.

For the last part of June, if a professor was grading me, I would get a 75%.

  • 430am workouts - 4 days a week == "B" - 3 days both weeks
  • Restart C25K =  "D" - yeah, no. I managed 2 miles powerwalking
  • Diet Soda fast - try to eliminate the habit again = "A++"
  • Increase water to 80oz (current average is 64-70) = "A+"

The morning alarm routine is probably the hardest right now.  My schedule is still crazy long with the kids summer schedule, I'm not home until much later than usual and I'm beat mentally and physically. Hence why I have to work out so early!  Both weeks I managed to work out on Mondays,  Tuesdays and then Thursdays.  I'm shaking my head at myself, until three months ago, I'd been waking up that early every single day for  4 years.  Baby steps April, baby steps.

I didn't think jumping back into the runs would be best, so I skipped out on official C25K plans and just jogged and walked when I felt it.  I think if I start the official plan, I should be able to start back at Week 4 or so and then build back up.

The one habit that should have been the easiest is the one I am proud of.  Dropping the soda habit again was the easiest, but probably the best thing for me (I know I know...) as I was using it out of habit not want or need.  I had started purposely packing one for the commute home, but it was being drunk before I had met my water goals, simply because I was driving home.

Speaking of that water goal, I remember when I was the girl who coworkers made fun of for lugging my water jug around and sucking it down all day long. That was a GALLON jug.  Nowadays, I'm not at my desk enough to get it in, but what I truly think is holding me back is that Hubs got me a newer jug, a silver RTIC 64oz jug....but its silver and I can't see the water in it.  I think its a 'out of sight, out of mind' effect going on.  So I'm going to use my clear container next week to see if the visual helps me get to my goal during the day.  I'm hitting my 64oz at work barely, plus my 20oz before work (on workout mornings) and then usually another 20oz before bed.  That sounds like a lot but there was at least two days that I managed to barely hit 32oz while I was at work, just running around for work and not enough time for April.

I can definitely do better, but I'll have to accept it for my first stab at truly truly trying again.

July will be even better.

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  1. Morning workouts are few and far between for me here too. I wish I can do better with them though but at the same time, my hubby has started working out so I have him as extra motivation and we tend to go to the gym together a lot more now. I guess you just have to find that balance! I really need to do better on the water front.


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