Jul 9, 2017

What the #$%?

So here I am trying my best, or at least better....no matter how much I change and try, that evil scale in the bathroom isn't changing.

I know, I know...I'm more than a number.
Eh, you know what, it is a horrible habit to break and while I do use my clothes and my overall feeling as a guide, that number does play into my whole 'journey.'

Despite giving up sodas (finishing up week 3!) and bumping up my water, and bonus workouts....

How the hell am I up? 
Why am I seeing numbers that I haven't seen in YEARS, really?!?
I feel GOOD, my quads are back, my hamstrings are tight from not being stretched properly. What the ever living hell?

Really struggling with what type of protocol will work for me lately. Now that Hubs has gone insane vegan, he's back to brown rice and lentils and potatoes and such.  I'm making lunches the same as b3efore for the kids and they are encouraged to eat at least half of the vegan dinner I'm prepping.  Most often, they are supplementing with peanut butter or some eggs after eating their required veggies.
But what about me?  I'm still avoiding breads and potatoes and such, but the abundance of watermelon and fruit is making this more difficult.

Pretty much my days are starting as strict KETO with bulletproof coffee and a morning fasting, but by dinner time I'm eating vegetable and fruit carbs.  Okay and some popcorn or pretzels...okay, snacking mindlessly, but you get the point. Totally NOT KETO. KETO doesn't work half-way, its all the way or nothing.

I really need to recommit food wise as well as everything else I'm doing. 

What's the point of getting your groove back if you keep sabotaging yourself with watermelon?


  1. I know you're gonna hate hearing this but... maybe keto isn't right for you. I'm not a fan of anything that's super all or nothing and fruit is good for you, not something to consider cheating.

  2. Yea, no words of advice here other than I'm sorry that the scale is being a butthole!


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