Mar 30, 2018

Such a tease....

I was called many things when I was in high school and college....

I don't mean to be a tease, I really don't.

I really need to stop teasing myself and really be ready for a commitment for myself.  I can't commit to a consistent blog, but I have to commit to myself again.  I worked hard to take control and lose weight for myself in 2007 -2008.  Wow...typing that out I realize it was 10 years ago that I went through the quest! That was before any blog days that I stalked long before I tried my hand at blogging (and failing...)

While I've been eating 80/20 low-carb for the last couple years, this past year has been very difficult with the lack of exercise, but mentally difficult with the Vegan Experiment of Hubs that lasted nine months. Lordy it was not fun or easy to fill him up veganish and all with rice or quinoa and there I was avoiding them and potatoes and anything of carby/starchy substance.  "Vegan-Hubs" ended up losing 15pounts and well I um, well here I'm here blogging about recommitting to myself.

By a medical twist of fate, Hubs will be reverting to KETO with me and having him on board will help keep me on the straight and narrow.  

Today was our first day being strict KETO. 
I managed to strip down to a net carb day of 16.
My water hit 128oz
and no diet soda.

And despite 3months of plantar fasciitis pain,
I have reset the 4:30am alarm to suck it up and get some exercise in again. 
I need it , mentally.

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