Apr 9, 2018

Booby traps

Sooo....about this committed approach.

I'd say I earned an 'A' for effort but the reality is that it probably deserves a C+.  The week started strong, and truthfully my eating was better. So that's a win right?

I am having bulletproof coffee which for me is intended to be my breakfast and help with intermittent fasting.  The fasting is to help get me on track (and yes it is very yummy and filling!)  I don't eat breakfast immediately anyway, so I would rather sip my coffee on the hour long commute into work anyway.  And this is a good thing!  Theoretically with the intermittent fasting, I should be waiting until 11 or 12 to eat my first meal. No big deal.

BUT..... I realized that habits are very hard to break! 
No matter what my body was telling me or not, a routine or habit of eating a tablespoon (or two or three) of peanut butter for breakfast was realized by Wednesday. 

Okay okay....get that in check.  I didn't buy any new peanut butter for my office this week, and I cleaned out my desk of any other tempting food on Friday.

On the more positive is that my water intake has been up to 92 to 128 every day this past week, and my basic walking and stairs has improved.  The trick is to drink the water to where you end up peeing every hour and then walk to the furthest one away. ha!

I haven't added in the working out quite yet while I try to focus on getting my food habits in check.  I'm craving the working out, but I'm also aware that I don't want to sabotage myself by saying 'oh since I'm working out...then I can splurge on some carbs.'  I know how my cheating justification mind works.

Baby steps, right.  That's the plan. Keep moving forward, even when I fall off...pick myself up and move on with this adventure!

Moving forward to a new week and better track!

And if you didn't get all of the homage references in Stranger Things, 
then I know I am way too old to be blogging again. 

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